Diaper Rash 101

One afternoon in November, Chad and I took the girls on a walk and I was craving a pumpkin latte so we stopped by a local coffee shop while cruisin the hood.  Of course, I couldn’t just get a coffee – I HAD to get a vegan, chocolate pumpkin donut as well because why the hell not? After all, it was November and the more pumpkin flavor the better. I was on my no dairy kick and so happy to have found such a delicious treat.  Chad tried a tiny piece, Gianna wanted nothing to do with it and Cali loved it as much as I did so she had a couple bites.  About 2-3 hours later I started feeling queasy and sick and what had started off like a great Saturday turned into over 9 hours of puking and 24 hours of the worst body aches since childbirth. Literally the only thing that finally allowed me to get some rest were the pain meds from my c-section.

Meanwhile, Chad was doing his best to take care of both girls on his own but Cali developed non-stop diarrhea and he couldn’t seem to change diapers quick enough.  Not to mention the poor kid kept sharting and it was so hard to know when. By the time I had regained enough energy to change a diaper, my poor Cali had THE WORST diaper rash I had ever seen.  Her skin was meaty red and she cried every time we had to change her.  It was terrible! I called the pediatrician’s office but it was Sunday night and I never got a call back from the on call Physician (I’m sure diaper rash is not high on the urgent call back list).  So, I continued to use the maximum strength Desitin, let her chill with no diaper as much as possible (which is not easy at all when you have a second rugrat crawling around), and when she pooped (which seemed like every hour at the very least) I would run her bum under water instead of cleaning it with wipes.   The next day I talked to my Dr.’s nurse, and she said that if didn’t go away with the diaper rash cream in 24-48 hours then it was most likely a yeast diaper rash, and that I should put Lotrimin or some kind of antifungal treatment 2-3 times a day with the diaper rash cream over it.  That same night I went to Walgreens and bought every diaper rash cream, including some Aquaphor, baking soda, milk of magnesia (I read somewhere that if you mix Aquaphor and Milk of Magnesia into a paste, you can use it to alleviate the redness and help reduce acidity in the area)  and of course the Lotrimin. I started with the Lotrimin based on the nurse’s rec and soon enough the redness started fading and slowly and surely Cali got better.  I also added baking soda to her baths so soothe and neutralize the pH in the area. A few weeks later, we had their 9 month check up and the pediatrician confirmed that it was a yeast diaper rash.  She said it was common, more common in girls than boys, and she prescribed Nystatin ointment which should work faster than Lotrimin in case it came back.  It was a good thing because that same morning Gianna had started to break out with the same rash. The Doc said it was not contagious and it was possible that the vegan donut was the culprit but she could not be 100% certain.

I have been lathering my babes with either Nystatin (if I see any trace of yeast diaper rash coming), Aquaphor, or Desitin or any combination of those three ever since.  I am so paranoid that they will get a full breakout of yeast diaper rash again. I really wish someone had told me that 1) there are different kinds of diaper rash that don’t go away with just diaper rash cream and 2) what to look for so that I know which treatment to use. If your baby has a diaper rash that won’t go away wthin 24-48 hours and the skin is meaty red, call your pediatrician and have them prescribe some Nystatin or confirm that you can use the Lotrimin and get it right away.  I swear it was the fucking vegan donut!! Also, I haven’t eaten a donut since and I LOVE donuts.

Here is a break down of creams/ointments, uses, active ingredients and my take on them.

  Main Uses Active Ingredient My Take
Desitin Cream Diaper Rash Max Strength: 40% zinc oxide

Rapid Relief: 13% zinc oxide

Max strength is my go to – effective and reasonably priced. I just don’t waste my time with anything less than 40% (#paranoid).
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste  Diaper Rash Max Strength: 40% zinc oxide

Original: 16% zinc oxide

I have tried the Original because it was baby shower gift and I really liked it but it will only work on minor rashes. I haven’t tried the Max Strength because I’ve had great results with the Desitin, it’s pricey and I use so much with twins.
Nystatin Yeast Diaper Rash, Antifungal Not Sure – Prescription required This didn’t seem to work as well and as fast at the Lotrimin although the Dr. did say it would heal faster with it, and I still use it whenever I feel like they might be getting it again.
Lotrimin AF Antifungal – Athlete’s Foot Clomitrazole 1% The Lotrimin reduced the redness and seemed to dry out the fungus within 24 hours.  I always applied the Desitin over it for full coverage protection.
Aquaphor Diaper Rash, Dry Skin, Drool Rash, Chaffing, Scratches Petrolatum 41% This is a great all-around product to have! I use it in the diaper area to help heal, on their cheeks because Colorado is so dry, chin to protect from drool, as chapstick, and on scratches (they tend to scratch themselves in the face when they sleep and one always manages to scratch the other in the face #twinlife).

2 thoughts on “Diaper Rash 101

  1. Love this blog!! So true about diaper rash and how unprepared new moms can be 😦 Ben got his very first rash (bloody one) his first month, he has dairy allergies on top of that I discovered that it was his diapers that were not letting his skin rest!! Desitin and pampers helped me!! It sure was a nightmare and I NEVER ever want to be in that situation again! My poor baby.


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